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Why would a consultant use Consoletti GIS Services?

Any forestry consultant can use Google Maps or any number of free forestry mapping software to generate a sale map for a logger or a shaded stand map for a contractor. Consoletti GIS Services (CGS) uses the GIS industry standard Arcmap software to generate your digital forestry map, georectify it, and create a map product to your specifications for your contractor or landowner. CGS will maintain your map library for consistent, updated map generation in future years.

Bill Consoletti, owner, worked in the Technical Services Departments of forestry industry companies in Georgia and Alabama for more than 30 years, and he brings all that experience using Arcmap to capture and edit forestry stands to your project.

CGS will use your tracts to acquire current imagery to capture recently harvested stands for accurate acreage calculation.

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Digital Forestry Mapping, Columbus GA

Online ESRI Map Resources

Soil, topo, street map and imagery to help interpret your timber stands

Forestry Consultant, Columbus GA

Timber Stand Photointerpretation

Tabular data amendments

Digital Map Imaging, Columbus GA

Imagery Acquisition

Photointerpretation and delivery of CIR and natural color imagery included

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